Cloud computing is everywhere.  Our email is in the cloud.  Our photos are in the cloud.  Our mobile apps are in the cloud.  Our websites are in the cloud. Our servers are in the cloud.

Thanks to the cloud, the largest organizations in the world have been able to eliminate entire data centers, along with the vast capital investment and ongoing costs associated with them.  These innovators have been able to turn this capital over to a lower operating expense and focus their attention on the core of their business.  At the same time, IT developers and startup companies building new cloud-native applications have been able to look to cloud computing for speed and agility in infrastructure deployment, and quickly scale without dealing with any details of the infrastructure.

But what about YOU?

All about YOU…

You’ve never had large data centers of your own.  Maybe you have a couple of server racks in an office location or multiple office locations. Or perhaps you’re paying a data center just to sit your gear on their floor.  Maybe you have your critical systems and precious data under desks, in a closet, or on a shop floor.

How old are your network equipment, servers, and storage?  Maybe they are all brand-spanking new.  Or maybe they’re five years old and out of support.   Likely, they are due for a refresh soon.  Are you ready for that kind of capital investment again?  Are you trying to put it off for yet another year?

You may have a great IT team, or maybe you don’t.  Maybe you are the IT team!  Regardless, is there value to your IT team or to your organization in simply keeping servers, storage, routers, switches, firewalls, backups, Windows, and Linux systems alive? Think about it.

You are rightly concerned about your data and network security, your system availability, your disaster recovery plan and the slow performance of the applications you have today.  But it’s probably not something you focus on every day, or maybe not at all.  Your focus is primarily on those new applications that you’ve promised your organization and your customers.  Or perhaps you don’t want to focus on IT at all, and you just want to get on with business.  You’re looking to innovate, not replicate IT infrastructure.

Are you ready to stop dropping crazy money into the building, maintaining, and supporting IT infrastructure?

Cloud is the Answer

So, what now?

You know about “The Cloud,” and you have an idea of what that means, but what does it mean for YOU and your organization?

If you are still reading this, we will assume that you are not an IT infrastructure organization, but IT is critical for you.

Think of “The Cloud” as you think of the electricity company. Do you generate your electricity, or do you let the electric company supply it for you? It just doesn’t make sense to produce your own electricity.  In the same way, you get electricity as a service, why not get your IT Infrastructure as a Service?  This concept, IaaS, is the foundation of cloud computing.

Maybe you have considered putting your data on one of the “Big Boys” in the cloud.  Maybe you’ve heard that Amazon AWS is making crazy profits with the cloud.  Maybe your Microsoft rep is pushing Azure day and night to you?  Maybe you even tried to get started and found that your “help” from the “Big Boys” is 57 web pages and a self-service web portal.  Not exactly what you need to feel safe, secure, and protected as you move to the cloud.  If you haven’t cracked the Fortune 500 yet, your customer experience and actual human contact when dealing with the enterprise cloud providers will definitely be lacking.

Introducing CenterGrid Compass…

We may not know you by name yet, but that’s okay because you may not know us by name yet, either.  CenterGrid is a managed cloud services provider.  We have enterprise-level cloud services that meet the cost and customer service needs of small businesses.

We’ve been providing managed IT services, technology consulting, and cloud hosting from our data center for the last nine years. We work with organizations every day that are just like YOU. That’s why we know all about your struggle already, even though we may not have worked with you yet. There are thousands of organizations just like yours that understand that the cloud can help them, but need some help to get there. That’s WHY we do what we do at CenterGrid. We believe that every organization deserves the benefits of the cloud! Yes, we mean YOU!


That’s why we built CenterGrid Compass

You need just the right amount of IT infrastructure. You don’t want to invest in infrastructure purchases that require you to look out for five years and buy for the capacity you will need in year 5.  You don’t want to lay out that capital and use less than 20% of it in the first year.  You don’t want to lay out capital at all.  You need IaaS.

You need an enterprise-grade cloud platform.  That means running your applications on a proven technology stack with a rock-solid track record of running the IT of the largest organizations in the world for over a decade. That also means your cloud runs the applications you have today, with no application modifications or re-writes required and without needing a full consulting project to complete.

You need secure IT infrastructure.  That means cloud data centers with enterprise-grade security, monitored facilities, and resilient utilities. That means security on your network, security for your data, and security for your systems.

You need experienced and skilled IT support.  You want advice, help, planning, and execution to migrate your applications and IT infrastructure into the cloud.  Then, you want to get on to business.  That means having someone take on your IT infrastructure, and taking it off your list of concerns for good.

(You can tell where this is going, right?)  You need CenterGrid Compass… Compass is your state-of-the-art, fully featured, highly secured, cost-effective, and new-fangled Infrastructure-as-a-Service managed cloud service.  Its everything your organization needs in a cloud platform… and MORE.  It’s enterprise cloud solutions made simple. Just for YOU.

Check, Check, Check, Check… CHECK!

You want the right amount of IT infrastructure.  CenterGrid can give you your cloud in Compass Blocks that you can carve it up any way you like…into 1 or 100 virtual machines. Or maybe you just want 50 Pay-As-You-Go VMs, all the same size and no more.  And perhaps you want CenterGrid to manage and monitor what’s on them, too?  Of course, we can do that.  Maybe you can’t deal with neighbors and need assurance of total privacy.  We can dedicate some cloud just for YOU.  Whatever your needs, Compass can give you the right amount of cloud at the right time. Not even sure what you need? We are here to help decipher the best way to get you to the cloud.

Do you run VMware in your organization?  You’ve got a ton of company!  Compass is built on a VMware cloud platform using the VMware Validated Design.  We know that you need to be confident that your applications will move easily to the cloud and that they will run seamlessly on a proven enterprise platform when they get there.  Dare we say, even BETTER than they run today!  That’s because we bring the latest innovations and whiz-bang tools to our cloud that other organizations only dream about having for their applications VMware NSX provides micro-segmentation security and Zero Trust Networking for all your virtual machines.  VMware vCloud Director offers you with a VIP tenant window into CenterGrid Compass and contains all the control and features that you need to be secure with your applications in the cloud.  On the backend, we run it all with the VMware vRealize Suite of products to keep everything nice and smooth-like. Do you see how easily we can help you transition to the cloud?

Did I mention cloud security?  VMware NSX allows you and the other tenants in our cloud to isolate every single one of your applications, virtual machines, and networks from each other and from all other tenants, precisely the way you need to.  NSX makes this possible by providing a distributed firewall that takes care of allowing and blocking traffic at every network port of every virtual machine in Compass.  Try that in hardware and you’ll need a bigger data center and a much bigger budget.  Try that with some other software and well… trust us, you just can’t get it to work as easily or completely as NSX.  We provide that security STANDARD to every CenterGrid Compass customer.

Let’s Get Going!

You want to move to the cloud, but you need a guide. CenterGrid is here for you. We know YOU. We’ve been working with organizations like yours for a long time. We’ve supported organizations at their sites. We’ve supported organizations on our data center floor. We’ve managed IT infrastructure all over the country. We’ve seen it all. We know the clouds, and we know how to get you there. We want to help! To us, your organization is just as important as any Fortune 500 company out there. We know this because we’ve worked with them and for them, too! CenterGrid can guide you to the cloud with Compasselectricity