Take your visual effects to the next level. After hours, we can transform your high-powered GPU workstations into an overnight rendering node. Or you can boost your Virtual Studio with one of our High CPU, High Memory Render Node options designed to handle even the most intricate computer-generated imagery (CGI) and visual effects smoothly.

We provide Render Nodes with or without GPU power to suit your rendering requirements. Our selection of High CPU and High Memory Nodes is designed to speed up rendering and enhance your workflow affordably. When these are integrated with our full range of Virtual Studio services, we optimise the infrastructure to give you more time for creative and quality work.

Do you have these challenges?

Challenges That Are Resolved With Fast Cloud Rendering

Fast cloud rendering services can streamline your visual effects processes, resulting in shorter turnaround times, more opportunities for creativity, higher-quality output, improved collaboration, and cost savings.


It’s all about speed and quality

A fast render farm process completes jobs quickly, which means you can meet timelines and deliver jobs to clients more quickly. Faster rendering leads to more accurate job scheduling and forecasting, allowing teams to focus on quality control and creativity.


What to Expect from Our Cloud Render Farm Solution

CenterGrid’s hands-on experts care as much about your projects as you do. We work with you to craft the optimal rendering solution for your creative team which is part of our Virtual Studio experience.

Complete projects faster
Our cloud rendering service is designed to address the challenges businesses face when creating CGI or visual effects. We deliver faster rendering times and improved workflow by clustering high-performance computers into dedicated nodes and utilizing optimized GPUs and CPUs. This means you can focus on your creative vision without worrying about technical limitations.

Easy collaboration
Collaborating on visual effects projects can be challenging, especially when you rely on a remote team. Our cloud rendering solution allows team members to access and work on the same project files from anywhere in the world, making collaboration easy and more efficient. 

Cost efficiency
Setting up and maintaining an in-house rendering farm can be expensive. Our fast cloud rendering solution scales to your needs – you only pay for the computing resources you need when you need them. This eliminates the need for expensive hardware and infrastructure, making it a more affordable option for any business regardless of size.

Access to technology
Offload managing your computing infrastructure and its ever-increasing power and cooling demands to us. We manage the lifecycle of infrastructure assets to provide current, powerful, and fast components that deliver the performance you need from a rendering farm.

Reliable and available
With multiple power sources, such as grid power and backup generators, we ensure that power is always available. Our high-quality power protection equipment – surge protectors and voltage regulators – protect hardware from power surges or fluctuations to prevent damage to the equipment and ensure that it functions properly – even in the event of power disruptions. CenterGrid monitors and manages – 24×7 – both the Render Farm solution and all the elements of our Virtual Studio.

Security is at the core of CenterGrid’s Digital backbone. We invest in modern, forward-thinking security technologies to protect your data, your IP, and your projects from data breaches, loss, or unauthorized access. 

Comprehensive solution
CenterGrid’s Render Farm is a component of our Virtual Studio services which offer a comprehensive solution for the visual effects industry.  

In our Virtual Studio, your team can work on their visual effects (VFX) and computer-generated imagery (CGI) in a realistic, immersive environment, and the Render Farm provides the computing power essential to processing complex visual effects. 

Our Virtual Studio combines GPU-powered workstations with Render Farm solutions, backed by white glove IT Managed Services and security.

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