DevOps Is A Paradigm Shift

Many large organizations struggle to change and transform because of corporate culture. There’s too much built-in acculturation in how they’ve done software development, shipping, and operation for the past 20 years. DevOps is a paradigm shift aimed at making technology work without red tape, bureaucracy, and meetings.

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As a result of our DevOps framework and approaches, we understand that optimizing the flow of your ideas to value realization is not just about developing a pipeline, and we are empowered to address this from a cultural perspective thus improving your competitive posture. Ultimately, we help your organization self-manage toward better solutions.

By incorporating DevOps, IT infrastructure can become more testable, observable, dynamic, and agile. As a result of this, digital transformation can be achieved by enabling safer, more rapid changes to IT infrastructure, which in turn enables safer, more rapid changes to software applications and services.

In addition, operational requirements can be discovered sooner, thus improving operability. A key part of DevOps is ensuring that all changes to build and deploy systems and infrastructure in a digital environment are driven from code in version control, eliminating the ambiguity of manual configuration and enabling re-traceability back to source code.


Agility and automation are at the core of the DevOps onboarding process. As part of our DevOps lifecycle, each phase aims to close the loop between development and operations and drive production through continuous development, testing, integration, monitoring, and feedback. It’s all about removing the barriers between traditionally siloed teams, development, and operations.

Our Continuous Service Includes

DevOps Handoff

  • Delivery to development teams
  • Delivery to supporting teams
  • Release delivery

Release Strategies

  • Legacy deployments
  • Asset management
  • Kubernetes

Monitoring and Scaling

  • Monitoring infrastructure and scaling
  • 24/7 on-call escalation option

Monitoring and Scaling

  • Security 
  • Release strategies
  • Development configuration
  • IaaS / PaaS / Multi-Tenancy

CenterGrid’s DevOps Outcomes

Transform and Accelerate production workflow

  • Understand the need, meet the challenge, drive value to development teams
  • Design global scalable solutions
  • Design reusable components

Leverage our experience, expertise, and existing business to ensure success

  • Deliver the solution on-time and on-budget
  • Deliver the least workflow disruptive solution to the current teams
  • Deliver the most cost efficient and value driven solution
  • “Think Big” and address all facets of the opportunity – utilize our Core Values

Three Reasons

Why CenterGrid Services

Trusted Problem Solver & Partner

We act as a trusted adviser to our customers, helping them solve their challenges to achieve their IT outcomes. We know a lot because we've seen a lot! We've saved a number of enterprises from catastrophic problems with malware, deleted data, and unauthorized access.

24x7 Personalized Support

We provide 24x7x365 personalized support to our customers and will never point them to a web page to figure it out on their own. We're always just a phone call or email away. From our sales team, to our skilled engineers, to your dedicated service delivery manager, to our 24x7 Service Desk. We're full service, not self-service.

Focus On Midsize US Enterprises

Data fuels your business, but it probably isn't your business. Our BaaS toolset is the industry gold standard in data security. Customers gain the benefits of these complex and feature-rich tools without the pain of implementation or cost. We worry about your data backup and recovery, so you can keep your eye on the bottom line and get your IT staff back to driving your growth.

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