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Caring, Person Centered Care

Rosedale Green is a non-profit senior care facility. They’re focused on providing the very best resident-directed living for everyone in their community. Whether residents are seeking a long-term nursing home or short-term assistance, Rosedale Green has built a reputation for ethics and compassion in the delivery of progressive, customized, person-centered care.


Rosedale Green
Non-profit senior care facility Kentucky, USA
Needed migration of a complete hosted data environment to a cloud environment


Migrating a complete hosted data environment to a cloud environment

Rosedale Green wanted to benefit from the performance enhancements of the cloud while maintaining the same levels of service they enjoyed in the CenterGrid hosted environment.


Compass cloud solution for Rosedale Green

Center Grid provided Rosedale Green with its Compass cloud solution. The solution centers around providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) with managed services as a single monthly invoice. The Pay-As-You-Go cloud service flexibility gives Rosedale Green a predictable monthly cost than can be easily adjusted when needed. Already hosting Rosedale Green made the migration even more seamless than it normally is, giving the customer additional peace-of-mind.


Significant improvement in speed and performance

The entire migration was completed on time. Rosedale Green immediately noticed a significant improvement in speed and performance. Having all of their data on a secure and flexible cloud has allowed Rosedale Green to enjoy the improved performance and efficiency of scale, while still enjoying the customer service they enjoyed with their CenterGrid hosted environment.
“Since being moved to CenterGrid’s Compass environment, we have experienced an increase in speed and productivity with our users. We could not be happier with this new solution.”
Sean Knollman | Rosedale Green

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