Move to the Cloud Feb 27, 2024

A Proactive Pivot: CenterGrid’s Strategic Mastery Amid VMware Changes

There’s been a whirlwind of disruption in IT triggered by changes announced by Broadcom following its acquisition of VMware late […]

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Move to the Cloud May 04, 2023

Expectation and Reality Mismatch Leads to Cloud Repatriation

For years now, many enterprises have been under the misapprehension that Public Cloud services are easily able to solve all […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Mar 08, 2023

How SMEs can Exit the Big Cloud and Save with Managed IT Services

The C-suite is on the horns of a dilemma: just as life and business seem to be returning to normal, […]

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Move to the Cloud Mar 02, 2023

Do Businesses Dump Big Cloud Services Due To Recessionary Pressures? Or Is There More To It?

In mid-2022, a study showed that more than 90% of organizations use three cloud providers: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft […]

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Move to the Cloud Mar 04, 2022

CenterGrid Optimizes Veterinary Software in the Remote Work Era

At CenterGrid, we’re a bunch of problem solvers. Sometimes we can all rally around an obvious one. I’ve personally helped […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Jul 14, 2021

CenterGrid Compass, Azure, AWS and Google: One Cloud or More?

Businesses today recognize the inherent value in leveraging cloud-based compute and storage solutions for their applications. Larger organizations may possess […]

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Connecting Remote Workers Dec 28, 2020

Take Another Look at Chromebooks for Windows 10 and the “New Normal”

The CenterGrid team is constantly monitoring news and technical sources for the latest information on security incidents, vulnerabilities, exploits and […]

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Move to the Cloud Aug 19, 2020

Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) Program

CenterGrid Managed Services with Microsoft CenterGrid is a Qualified Multitenant Hoster (QMTH) authorized by Microsoft to host your Windows virtual […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Sep 14, 2018

Breaking Down The Cloud: What You Need To Know

Cloud services are used by 94% of enterprises, but how many of them fully understand each cloud service model before […]

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Focus on Innovation Jan 31, 2018

Cloud Computing: The Future is Now

Have you made the dive into the cloud? If not, you are missing out. What once seemed like a progressive […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Aug 15, 2017

What Cloud Computing Actually Means for Your Business

New computing technologies have shown the potential to transform enterprises. From established brands to startups, the rise of cloud technology […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Jul 24, 2017

Cloud Vs Colocation Vs Managed Hosting

Many people seem to forget that there are other hosting options apart from the cloud. The amount of effort and […]

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