Improve IT Effectiveness Nov 14, 2023

CenterGrid Understands Animal Welfare IT

We understand Animal Welfare Services are provided by medical professionals, dedicated technicians, volunteers, and administrative staff. These skilled individuals rely […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Mar 08, 2023

How SMEs can Exit the Big Cloud and Save with Managed IT Services

The C-suite is on the horns of a dilemma: just as life and business seem to be returning to normal, […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Aug 09, 2022

What To Expect From A Successful IT Service Desk

Businesses expect knowledgeable, long-term service desk employees that can answer calls fast, with authority, and subsequently resolve many incidents. They […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Jun 06, 2022

The Value of the Outsourced Service Desk

Since the pandemic hit and work-from-anywhere became a real thing worldwide, having in-house IT support no longer makes sense. People […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Sep 01, 2021

Advice for Vendor Support Challenges: Service Provider Perspective

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) focusing on cloud services, we are all well-versed in a multitude of product offerings ranging from security, network, hardware, hypervisors, and all the other pieces of software that enable us to offer our services.

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Improve IT Effectiveness Jul 14, 2021

CenterGrid Compass, Azure, AWS and Google: One Cloud or More?

Businesses today recognize the inherent value in leveraging cloud-based compute and storage solutions for their applications. Larger organizations may possess […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Mar 15, 2021

What Does “White Glove” Service Mean To You?

What do you consider White Glove service? I think it is easy to say things like “we go the extra […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Sep 14, 2018

Breaking Down The Cloud: What You Need To Know

Cloud services are used by 94% of enterprises, but how many of them fully understand each cloud service model before […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Aug 15, 2017

What Cloud Computing Actually Means for Your Business

New computing technologies have shown the potential to transform enterprises. From established brands to startups, the rise of cloud technology […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Jul 24, 2017

Cloud Vs Colocation Vs Managed Hosting

Many people seem to forget that there are other hosting options apart from the cloud. The amount of effort and […]

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Connecting Remote Workers Apr 26, 2017

When downtime is NOT an option

Downtime saps the energy from organizations. Every minute of lost productivity drains revenue. Meanwhile, your competitors forge ahead, leaving you […]

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Improve IT Effectiveness Jan 10, 2017

Cloud Disaster Recovery Models: Planning and Testing

Modern enterprises know that disasters are a fact of life. They also understand that disasters come in many shapes and […]

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