Since the pandemic hit and work-from-anywhere became a real thing worldwide, having in-house IT support no longer makes sense. People aren’t working the strict 9-5 anymore, so IT must be available 24/7. Some companies have started questioning their ability to continue staffing and managing their own in-house service desks; alternatively, many opt to outsource these solutions to skilled partners. And of course, this is the smarter option to partner with an experienced solution provider and outsource your service desk, so you pay only for the expertise you need as you need it. That is where companies, such as CenterGrid, come in.

To assist businessmen and women in fully understanding their options when providing a service desk, CenterGrid, an IT solutions and managed services provider, has identified the critical value that the outsourced service desk model offers.

Reliable Support Availability

We have already established that businesses nowadays require 24/7 help desk support. Not to mention that most people don’t even work from the office anymore. For a company to host support in-house would be close to impossible and not to mention senseless and more expensive. However, employees must be given the support they need at any time for them and the company to succeed, even at 3 am on a Sunday.

Faster Response Time

When choosing which company to partner with for outsourcing your service desk, make sure that it is more than just a call center. You want to be sure that they can actually provide technical support, so look for a technical service desk provider. Ensure they have trained staff that can resolve technical issues at level 1, rather than just taking a message or logging a ticket. You want competent people to support your employees so they can return to work faster.

Reduced Costs

In most cases, the question isn’t whether your company needs a service desk or not; it’s how you staff it. While there might be a need for 2 am support, the volume of calls that come in during this time might not be enough to hire round-the-clock in-house service desk support. But with outsourcing comes the great benefit of only paying for the level of service you require. You can keep your costs low and get the coverage you need without employing an entire technical support department in-house.

Low Turnover

We are all aware of the fact that there is a huge turnover when it comes to the service desk industry. You can spend all those hours and money training and re-training employees, just to do it all again in a couple of months. But when your employees contact their service desk, they expect the same level of support and professionalism every time, and they become accustomed to the way problems are handled. Outsourcing your service desk gives you this level of satisfaction. So when you are looking for someone to partner with, look out for a company with a low turnover rate.

Software Support

So many new apps and software are being used in everyday business life, and new and better ones are being developed all the time. So it becomes necessary to have someone available to support all this new tech. But training someone to support every new software or app you acquire is time-consuming and expensive. That is why it makes sense to use an outsourced service desk that is already trained and keeps up with all the latest software training to help support your employees and the software you use.

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