We understand Animal Welfare Services are provided by medical professionals, dedicated technicians, volunteers, and administrative staff. These skilled individuals rely on Veterinary Practice software, business applications, desktops and workstations, networks, wireless, and more. Our goal at CenterGrid is to provide technology that supports Animal Welfare Shelters so that they can focus on the care of the animals and their clients. 

We know budgets are tight

We know budgets are tight, technology is aging, personal data needs to be protected, and although technology usage continues to increase, not enough staff exists to help support it. Here’s where CenterGrid comes into play. 

With our help, you can maximize what you already have so that you can focus on the tasks that matter most. 

How We Are Helping Animal Welfare IT Today

Your Practice Management Software in our Cloud 

  • Secure access from any device, from anywhere 
  • Freedom to work charts, check labs from home 
  • Enterprise-grade Server, Storage, and Network 

Increase your Mobility and Agility 

  • Virtual Desktops available from any device
  • Allow volunteers to bring their own device
  • Secure endpoint devices 

Extend the life of your current assets 

Adopt newer technologies when needed 

  • CenterGrid becomes your IT team
  • As new technologies become available, let us develop the integration plan for you 

Accelerate your Marketing and Fundraising 

Technology Expertise For Your Practice

 Enterprise Security Focus 

  • We’re obsessed with security – it’s in our DNA 
  • Managed Next-gen Antivirus 
  • Proactive Event Detection and Response 
  • Proactive Patching 

Data Protection Focus 

  • Your data is protected within our data center with network isolation 
  • Data protection options are available for snapshots, backups, offsite copies, archives 

End-User Focus 

Private, Green Data Center 

  • You can offload the ever-increasing power and cooling demands onto us 
  • Unique Geothermal cooling features in our flagship data center – 58-degree water source 

24 x 7 Management and Support 

  • Assigned Service Delivery Manager for white-glove support and service continuity 
  • Problem-solver culture to architect the right solution to enable your success 

Let’s Design A Solution To Meet Your Requirements

We’ll walk you through a step-by-step process to identify and match your requirements to our available options. 

Step-by-Step IT Process

What To Expect After You Say Yes

With a wide range of services to select from, we’ll customize a project plan to on-board your practice into the CenterGrid services you’ve chosen. Our goal is to minimize the impact on your practice and staff so that the migration is seamless and non-disruptive.

Animal Welfare IT Onboarding Process