What do you consider White Glove service?

I think it is easy to say things like “we go the extra mile” but what does that really mean, and what does that look like in everyday business?  I went on a Google search to see what others had to say about this.  I was surprised to find the following:

“Offering white glove customer service is as simple as it sounds: treating customers with respect and following-up when you say you will. Additionally, answering questions honestly, and setting expectations appropriately matters, too.”

For all of us at CenterGrid, that is not White Glove customer service – that defines the basics of the customer experience and interaction.

We want to know your business and to be able to anticipate your needs.  This can be as simple as knowing where all of your employees are located and if there may be a major weather event in the region that could impact your services.  We have customers in Florida that rely on the security of our data center to allow their business to hedge against the impact of hurricanes.  We talk about those weather events in advance and have a plan of action in place anticipating the worst.

Another favorite example is a client that truly does not spend time in email and is always mobile.  We have found that communicating with them via text messages works the best, and they appreciate that we reach out in this way.  Another way that we meet our client where they need us.

We want to help you problem solve, even if the problem is outside of our scope of work with you.  We recently had a colocation client experience a cybersecurity attack.  While we were not responsible for managing this environment, we worked with them to mitigate this threat and provided a secure landing place for their business.

We want you to know, that no matter what, you can call on us and we will do our best to help. We aren’t looking to deliver at the basics, we work to go beyond that – and by doing so, becoming an integral part of your team.

Don’t believe me?  Think it’s fluff?  Read our case studies to see how we demonstrate this to our clients.

How do you define White Glove service?  Are you getting White Glove service from your current IT service providers?  We challenge you to think about this and unless you can answer with a strong YES, then give us a call today

About the Author

Joni Angel is the Vice President of Finance and Service Delivery at CenterGrid.