Colocation Services

What You Can Expect

Predictably Simple

CenterGrid takes pride in simple, predictable, easy-to-read invoices with no surprises or arbitrary charges. The invoice is typically one page with no arbitrary usage charges or surprises. Month after month, our customers receive invoices consistent with the services for which they have contracted.

Smart Hands

CenterGrid’s Network Operations Center (NOC) is staffed 24 x 7 x 365 with experienced technicians who can handle customers' physical equipment needs including equipment and cable connectivity, device support, rack & cage management, power cycling, external media handling, shipping & receiving and equipment inventory.

Green and Sustainable

We are committed to the environment by reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible and utilizing renewable energy sources. The city of Hamilton, Ohio, the location of our primary data center, has significantly invested long-term in hydroelectric power plant infrastructure and operates over 50% on fully renewable energy sources.

Uniquely Powered

CenterGrid's primary data center is fed from two major power sources – directly from the City of Hamilton and redundant feeds from the national grid.

Committed to economic development, the City of Hamilton has recently upgraded 100% of its transmission and distribution infrastructure so that every component is supported by a redundant backup. Furthermore, with a simple “flip of a switch”, Hamilton power can disconnect from the national power grid and operate autonomously, giving it the unique feature of a “black start” utility. As an extra precaution, CenterGrid is also backed up by two one-megawatt power generators.

Only CenterGrid clients enjoy the value of electric power that is sustainably low cost, highly reliable, and ensured to be operational during extended regional or national power outages.

Blended Connectivity

CenterGrid’s blended Internet service includes high-speed dedicated connectivity from multiple national providers as well as fiber connections from the city of Hamilton and Butler County, Ohio. “Blended” means reliability and performance through diverse providers at a predictable and cost-effective rate.


Businesses located in and around Hamilton, Ohio can take advantage of FiberGrid™ – an affordable high-speed Internet solution built on a 100% fiber network provided by a partnership between the City of Hamilton and CenterGrid.

CenterGrid's Data Centers

Features & Benefits

CenterGrid combines exceptional data centers with enterprise-class technologies to tailor solutions to our customers' needs. We guarantee a robust DC infrastructure that is highly secure, resilient, scalable, and highly available, all at a predictable IT cost.

Physical Access Control

Including Locked Doors, Two-Factor Authentication, Access Card via Dedicated Card Readers, Onsite Security, Digital Video Capture, and Onsite Network Operation Center (NOC) Personnel 24 x 7 x 365.

Environmental Controls

Multiple heating, ventilation, and air conditioning units to maintain air flow, temperature, and humidity. We also offer remote control and monitoring, fail-safe power with redundancies, and on-site personnel at all times.

Locked Cabinets

Our data center raised floors includes secure, meshed door cabinets that provide sufficient air flow, easy inspection and visual verification of mounting, connectivity, and operations (e.g. status lights).

Power Delivery

Two independent utility grids feed our data centers with electrical power. Power is automatically switched to secondary should the primary experience issues. We also have dedicated diesel generators to provide backup power to all data center critical equipment and loads.

Multi-Provider Internet

Internet connectivity is delivered to customer lockable cabinets as either single or redundant ethernet handoffs. Our clients always have the benefit of multiple Enternet feeds. Each Internet Service link comes complete with three (3) usable public IP addresses per tenant.

Conformed To Code

All CenterGrid data centers conform to all local building codes, including all applicable State and Federal regulatory requirements for environmental health and safety.

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