Businesses expect knowledgeable, long-term service desk employees that can answer calls fast, with authority, and subsequently resolve many incidents. They don’t want someone who is just another voice on the phone that takes a message or logs a ticket. They want to be confident that their issue will be resolved professionally and in a timely manner. Having a strong IT support desk culture is one way to make this team more effective while improving customer experiences.

Here are some of the things your company should expect from your service desk provider.

Consistent Responsiveness

If you want to give your customers a superior customer experience, then you need to focus on consistency. Consistency is one of the basic fundamentals of customer service, along with being friendly and prompt. When an employee contacts their technical service desk, they expect that their calls will be approached in the same way every time. They are certain that their call will be handled in a professional manner, within a reasonable time frame by a knowledgeable person. When an outsourced service desk provider can deliver this level of consistency, it builds trust. Giving the clients the confidence that they need to know the help desk will assist them with their most critical technical issues so that they can get back to work faster.

Familiarity with Clients’ Environment

Familiarity across multiple operating systems is needed as a basic step in ensuring productivity. But having to train someone in a client-specific environment takes time. Client familiarity goes a long way, and knowing things like the email host, ISP, and network setup of a specific client can cut troubleshooting time drastically, and build a more positive relationship with the client.

Long-term Knowledge Access

Regardless of how much training a service desk does to prepare their agents for the problems they may encounter, there are times when an agent will have to refer to technical manuals to find a solution to solve a specific client’s issue. And once the agent has learned this solution, it will become second nature to them, performing the solution almost automatically when they encounter the issue again. Not having to depend on manuals to determine solutions to certain issues implies a quicker resolution, and ultimately, lower costs for the client.

Provide Accurate Reports

Reporting is an essential task for any IT help desk. Reports can show how well help desk staff are performing (both individually and collectively), how many incoming incidents and requests the business is facing, whether or not service level agreements (SLAs) are being met, and which resolver teams are not turning tickets around quickly enough. Reports are also useful for tracking data and performance over time, and you should be using these to demonstrate how your IT support levels are improving.

Automation for Manual Tasks

IT help desk software automates many labor-intensive tasks involved in an IT specialist’s job. It organizes information and streamlines communication for teams assisting employees. The IT service desk team members are the ones tasked with resolving issues. They answer questions and provide detailed directions to help users fix their technical issues, all through the service desk platform.

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