We’re thrilled to announce that CenterGrid has earned the prestigious Trusted Partner Network (TPN) Gold Shield certification. This milestone highlights our commitment to providing a highly secure Virtual Studio cloud environment for studios, VFX artists, animation artists, game developers, digital arts programs, and students worldwide.

Why is TPN Status Significant for Education and Creative Industries?

Today, digital collaboration transcends geographical boundaries and robust security is crucial. Our TPN Gold Shield certification ensures that virtual production studios and creative professionals globally can protect their valuable artwork and intellectual property throughout the creative process. CenterGrid’s Virtual Studio offers a fortified platform for global collaboration, enabling creative talents to work together seamlessly and securely, whether they are accessing rendering resources, collaborating on projects, or refining their skills.

Understanding the Trusted Partner Network (TPN)

TPN stands for Trusted Partner Network, and being part of this network means that CenterGrid is among vetted organizations committed to maintaining the highest security standards in the entertainment industry. This ensures that every interaction within our Virtual Studio production cloud is secure and reliable.

Key Advantages for Virtual Production Studios, VFX Artists, Animators, Game Developers, and Students

Secure Collaboration: With CenterGrid’s TPN Gold Shield certification, your projects are protected from unauthorized access, whether you are coordinating virtual shoots, creating visual effects, animating characters, or developing games. This level of security enables all users, from established studios to individual creators, to collaborate with confidence.

Protecting Intellectual Property: The TPN Gold Shield certification provides robust protection against theft and piracy, safeguarding your projects and intellectual property. This protection not only protects your creative assets but also boosts confidence in your work, allowing you to concentrate on innovation and creativity without worrying about security breaches.

Setting the Standard for Secure Virtual Studios

Chris Beard, Chief Operating Officer at CenterGrid, expressed pride in this certification: “Achieving the TPN Gold Shield certification marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing a secure Virtual Studio environment for all sectors of the creative industry. Our certified cloud workstations assure unmatched security and peace of mind, enabling creatives to push the boundaries of their artistry.”

At CenterGrid, we’re dedicated to empowering CGI production artists to connect, collaborate, and create securely. With our TPN Gold Shield certification, we continue to offer cutting-edge, secure Virtual Studio solutions that meet the diverse needs of the creative industries worldwide.

For more information about CenterGrid’s Virtual Studio and our TPN-certified cloud computing solutions, visit https://cgvirtualstudio.com/.