Oh the days when we would get our 35mm photos developed and printed. It would seem those days are fairly sparse at this point. Many of you know that backup is important, but how many of you are doing it faithfully? I’m likely not going to tell you something that you don’t know already, that backup is important, but it’s REALLY important. There are some really nasty viruses out and about on the Internet, many can completely destroy every file that you have and many times that means that if you can’t recover that data, you have a slim chance of continuing with your business.

One of the most common things that happen, when using any online backup program, is that it’s not configured correctly, and the speed of the Internet connection isn’t taken into consideration. CenterGrid analysts will spend time with you to determine your backup challenges and understand how your business utilizes backup and recovery.

At CenterGrid, we could have just partnered with one of the main stream backup providers out there, instead, we partnered with IBM and built out our own cloud backup solution called Tivoli Storage Manager or TSM. TSM is a best in class backup software system used by many of the fortune 500 and 100 companies around the world. CenterGrid is the ONLY provider to offer fortune 100 grade backup and recovery software to small and mid-sized businesses.

So if you have an online backup plan already, make sure it’s configured correctly and the backups are occurring. If you DON’T have an online backup plan, or you are unsure of the solution you have, please contact us at [email protected] to speak with a solution specialist.