“It’s clear now that while organizations may have come to the cloud to reduce costs, it’s not why they stay. The true potential of cloud lies in an organization’s ability to leverage this agile delivery model to transform the business.” – Rick Wright, Principal and Global Cloud Enablement Leader at KPMG

Alas, it’s the time of year again, when one advertiser after another tries to beat its competitors to your wallet for the impending holidays.  As you’re making your lists and checking them twice, allow us to shamelessly plug ours – the list of ways CenterGrid’s cloud solution can drive your business:

  • Drive cost efficiencies
  • Better enable mobile workforce
  • Improve alignment with customers/partners
  • Better leverage data to provide insight
  • New product development/innovation
  • Develop new business models
  • Shift to a global shared services model
  • Faster time to market

Cloud continues to drive disruption in the business world across the globe. In fact, a recent global KPMG survey* of nearly 800 technology industry leaders ranked cloud as the technology that will have the greatest impact in driving business transformation for enterprises.

On top of all that good news, cloud is not only a transformative solution that helps organizations make progress on corporate goals. It can also prove indispensable to the actual execution of transformation. As organizations undergo large-scale change, cloud improves:

  • Rapid Scale: Enables IT to provision and modify complex infrastructure faster than traditional on premise systems.
  • Agility: Cloud enables organizations to be more nimble and responsive to changing business needs.
  • Functionality: Organizations can take advantage of innovation more easily with cloud, as it reduces the need for incremental investments in supporting technology infrastructure.


*KPMG Global Technology Innovation Survey, Fall 2014.