Think of it as your all-in-one Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solution designed to supercharge creative projects. No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you can access a high-performance GPU Workstation rig. Collaboration is a breeze with our shared project storage, letting team members move massive data sets without the hassle of syncing or replicating.

And, when it comes to finishing touches, our rapid rendering services help you complete projects at record speed. Virtual Studio is your end-to-end solution for unparalleled performance and collaboration.

What Challenges Does Our Virtual Studio Address?

  • Our solution drastically cuts down project delays by eliminating the need for data syncing, letting your team keep the momentum going.
  • Whether you’re working remotely or in-house, our centralized high-speed storage, networking, and GPU workstations enhance team collaboration.
  • You’ll save on infrastructure costs as our flexible setup adapts to the unique needs of each project, eliminating the risk of investing in equipment that might not be useful later.
  • Our service cuts the high power and cooling costs that come with running GPU workstations and servers, an issue that’s only expected to worsen with future hardware releases.
  • Forget about the tedious and costly process of transferring large data sets or onboarding new team members – we’ve got you covered there too.
  • With our Virtual Studio, there’s no need for a dedicated IT department to manage workstations, networks, and security to support your creative team.

Can’t Someone Purchase All The Equipment And Create Their Own Solution?

Absolutely. Anyone can make the investment in the technology required to build their own solution. However, we created Virtual Studio for those who’d rather not tie up a large amount of capital or deal with the ongoing hassle of maintaining a data center.

Our service is ideal for organizations that value flexibility and want the ability to scale their environment according to changing needs over time. So, while you can definitely do it yourself, Virtual Studio is here to make it easier and more efficient for you.

How Is Virtual Studio Different Than Remote Desktop Solutions?

Remote Desktop Software solutions allow work-from-home employees to access their GPU Workstation located elsewhere, like in the office, from anywhere on any device. This simply solves the challenge of accessing the workstation and may be a satisfactory solution if this is the only challenge that needs to be resolved.

It is just one of the many technologies we are providing in our comprehensive Virtual Studio solution.

How Is Virtual Studio Different Than Collaboration And File Syncing Technologies?

There are a lot of options available to share files in the marketplace. Many of these solutions show remote workforces collaborating and sharing data. Therefore, if the only problem you’re trying to solve is how to share data, then this solution may work for you.

Virtual Studio includes high-performance storage to save massive amounts of data in CGI production efforts requiring high-powered GPU-accelerated workstations. File Syncing technologies are great for sharing office-generated content, but they’ll need help to scale when sharing tens of terabytes of imagery.

What Are The Available Subscription Options For Virtual Studio?

Looking for flexibility? We’ve got you covered with subscription plans that range from three to six to 12 months or even more. The longer the subscription, the more you save. But we get it – projects can change. That’s why we offer to extend your plan month-to-month if you need to.

Can I Adjust My Virtual Studio Environment As My Requirements Change?

Yes, we provide a lot of flexibility in how we operate to support your changing needs. For example, we’ll provision the bandwidth you request and charge you for how much you want guaranteed, but you can use more than that. If you’ve got a significant deliverable, let us know, and we can provide you gigabits of additional bandwidth to get the latest scene to the client as fast as they can accept it! We can add CPU, memory, and storage as needed.
Some changes, like reductions in memory and storage, require some scheduling and coordination to complete. Otherwise, we’ll ramp things up as you need them.

Do You Provide Hourly Options For Virtual Studio?

We don’t. We didn’t design our Virtual Studio for rent-by-the-hour demands. We designed it as an enterprise-caliber solution to address the extreme virtual workstation needs of creative teams requiring high performance, data security, collaboration, and a partner with 24×7 support.

We want to focus our attention, support, and service enhancements on creative teams working on demanding engagements. Some providers with many GPUs on their floors offer by-the-hour, short-term engagement options. That’s not our focus.

How Quickly Can Virtual Studio Be Ready For My Project?

We can move quickly to help you meet your timeframes and deadlines. We have examples where we’ve driven customer equipment overnight across multiple states to co-locate their environment into our Virtual Studio by Monday morning. For another customer, the data center closed two months earlier than expected, and production had to be migrated to the new environment ASAP rather than Dev and Test first. A six-month data center migration was completed in two months with no downtime.

Our standard approach for ahead-of-the-game projects includes kick-off meetings, deployment stages, testing, migration, and go-live. The proactive engagements will be rolled out in two to four weeks.

Nonetheless, if you encounter a crazy situation and need to engage some serious problem solvers, give us a call. It’s all about challenges – we love them – and we’re the right team to take on yours.

How Does Virtual Studio Fit Into The Rest Of CenterGrid’s Offerings?

We see Virtual Studio as the next evolution of our services. CenterGrid offers an array of end-user-centric services.

CenterGrid Managed IT Services

How Is My Data Protected In Your Virtual Studio?

Occasionally, people have concerns about their data being in the Cloud as opposed to on their individual workstations. We understand your data’s criticality and the importance of data protection.

Our Virtual Studio is built for the Enterprise.

  • With our technologies, we can restore virtual workstations, virtual servers, and even the whole Virtual Studio nearly instantaneously with our data protection rollback features.
  • We can deliver immutable snapshots and traditional backups.
  • We ensure we have encryption of data at rest.

Compared to data sitting on an individual workstation with a single drive as a single point of failure, we provide data security at a different level.

How Is My Environment Secured In Virtual Studio?

Are you tired of filling out your Business Insurance policy’s annual Cyber Security Addendum Questionnaire? Here’s another place CenterGrid’s DaaS, Cloud, and Virtual Studio investments can help you out. We have the answers to many of those questionnaires completed. It’s one less thing you have to do.

As mentioned before, security is a design element in all things we do. For example, next-generation antivirus is included with every virtual desktop, workstation, and server and then monitored by real humans.

What Else Haven’t You Told Me About Virtual Studio?

We’ve yet to tell you about the talented individuals who make our services exceptional. What really sets CenterGrid apart is our exceptional team of architects, engineers, and support staff who are not just experts but also dedicated problem solvers.

While our services are designed to meet most of your needs, we understand that every client has unique challenges. That’s why our DevOps team is continually fine-tuning our offerings – automating, improving, and implementing processes to increase efficiencies.

With us, you can rest assured that you’re getting a service that adapts to fit your enterprise, not the other way around.

How Do We Determine If Virtual Studio Might Be The Right Fit?

We recommend starting by scheduling our no-charge, one-hour online Virtual Studio Design Session.

We’ll walk you through our step-by-step process to document your requirements and the resources you’ll need for your specific use case to ensure we can succeed together.

Our team of architects will guide you through our process, from securely connecting to Virtual Studio to how you migrate your data into the environment. We’ll then provide a budgetary estimate within a day so you can determine if this meets your needs.

CenterGrid Virtual Studio user life cycle graphic