About the customer

50 years of experience in the packaging industry

With an extensive network of industry partners, Crown Packaging Corp will find you the best supplies and machinery to simplify your procurement. As a full-service provider of packaging equipment and automation systems, they have the expertise to provide hardware, software, and service to not just streamline your operations,  but do so cost-effectively.


Crown Packaging
Industrial packaging with 200+ packaging specialists across North America
Flexibility of off-site secure servers and expense forecasting

The challenge

Secure off-site setup

Needed to move data to secure off-site servers and move the server maintenance responsibility off our hands.

The CenterGrid Solution And Outcome

See how Crown Packaging benefited from CenterGrid's Solutions

“We have no issues as far as everything being addressed and we feel that we can sleep better at night! From a cash management prospective and forecasting for expenses long-term, we also see a large benefit.”
Brian Cox | Corporate Controller

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