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All customers using License Mobility through Software Assurance must complete a license verification process and Microsoft will ensure that you have eligible licenses with active Software Assurance. To start the verification process and review additional details, go to:

The License Mobility Verification Form has a section to provide information about the Authorized Mobility Partner. Please use [email protected] as the email address, CenterGrid as the partner name, and as the partner website. For further guidance, consult Microsoft’s License Mobility Verification Guide (pdf).

Microsoft will provide confirmation to you and to CenterGrid that you have completed this verification process. You may deploy your application server software prior to the verification process being completed. In fact, you can deploy up to ten days before submitting the form. You are responsible for managing true ups and renewals as required under their agreement.

Once the verification process has completed, please submit a License Mobility Verification Form to CenterGrid.

Eligibility Requirements

To take advantage of this benefit, the following conditions must apply:

1. All Microsoft Server application products migrated to CenterGrid via the License Mobility through Software Assurance program must be covered with active Software Assurance (SA).

2. The server applications must be on the list of eligible products. The list includes:

To view a full list of eligible server application products, see the Microsoft Product Terms at

3. Eligible Volume Licensing programs include the Enterprise Agreement, Enterprise Subscription Agreement, and Microsoft Open Value Agreement, where Software Assurance is included, and other Microsoft Volume Licensing programs where Software Assurance is an option, such as Microsoft Open License or Select Plus.

4. You maintain appropriate Client Access Licenses (CALs) with Software Assurance in your Volume Licensing agreement for accessing the application servers.

5. Does not include the Microsoft Windows Client operating system, Desktop application products (e.g. Microsoft Office), and Microsoft Windows Server operating system. Learn about other options for these programs from your CenterGrid SDM or Sales Team.

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