Increase Productivity

What is FiberGrid?

FiberGrid™ is a superior and affordable choice for super-fast network connectivity, offered through a partnership between the City of Hamilton and CenterGrid.

Increased Productivity

  • No enforced throttling, inconsistent Internet speeds, or outdated bottlenecks
  • Run offsite backup solutions, such as RecoveryCenter, more efficiently
  • Connect to CenterGrid Compass at lightning speeds

Improve Communications

  • Upload and download data at the same high speed
  • Enhance VoIP and video conferencing functionality
  • Respond quicker to customers, suppliers, remote employees, and partners

Save Time & Money

  • Access local support 24 x 7 that’s around the corner, not on the other side of the world
  • Get higher and more reliable speeds at lower cost

100% Fiber. 100% Better.

Compare FiberGrid

Feature Typical ISP FiberGrid So What
100% fiber optic network?

FiberGrid isn't slowed down by outdated copper technology so you get 100% speed, 100% of the time.

Get the speed you need?

Your high-speed fiber service won't slow your business down—ever.

Enhances advanced application like VoIP and video conferencing?

Take advantage of advanced applications that can help your business grow and prosper.

Upload speed same as download speed?

Your business can be more productive, respond more quickly to customers, suppliers, partners, and remote employees.

100% local customer service and tech help?

Get friendly assistance from knowledgeable service reps who are local to you.

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