Three Disaster Recovery Myths

Because of the fast paced advancements in technology, more and more people are caught between the truth and outdated beliefs. Regarding Disaster Recovery Services, there are plenty of business owners who still believe in ideas which have long been considered false. There are still some Disaster Recovery Myths which are widely accepted throughout the world even when they are clearly made up stories. Today, let’s talk about three folklore myths which need to be scrapped off.

The Best Disaster Recovery Solution is Tape Backups

Similar to any other computer, car or television, a tape is also a physical object which deteriorates after a period of time. Are you having your doubts? Not to worry, you can simply try to listen to any of your old favorite cassette tapes, if you can find them Because it’s been around for a long period of time, the tape backups start to become distorted. One day, it will completely stop working. Optimistically, that wouldn’t be the same day when you’ll experience your business suffering a disaster. On a positive note, there remains to be a possibility that all your existing tape backups will still work. Does this bring a permanent solution to the problem? The most important aspect to focus on is where you store your tape backups. Are they stored a few miles away from your office or are they on hand at all times? Always keep in mind that when your business is hit by a natural disaster, your tapes will also be hit and affected. Once they become damaged, it will be a great loss for your business.

Although tape backups are much preferred to having nothing at all, most DR providers choose to backup data on offsite locations. They choose a location which is far from your neighborhood to protect the files. The main purpose of this is to ensure that your business would still be able to run smoothly and recover even if it’s hit by a natural disaster. Since it will be located hundreds of miles away, it will be kept in a safe and secure place away from harm.

It is also notable to mention that modern day DR solutions provide another very important commodity time. This is the perfect time to ask yourself the question, “Is it really worth the time of my IT staff to spend hours backing up old tapes?” Additionally, you need to think about this question, “Aren’t they supposed to be working on something more valuable which will develop their skills?” Modern day DR service providers completely take away the grueling task of figuring out the right thing to do. They take care of all your needs so that you can relax and focus on the success of your business. You will never have to worry about it again in the future which saves your time and effort.

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is always expensive

Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is given very high importance by all business owners. It is actually highly prioritized because of its value. Before making a decision to invest in a Disaster Recovery plan, business owners must make sure that they have established a reliable solution. Making sure that the business will be able to recover as quickly as possible is the best approach. The solution should be implemented on a specific timetable which wouldn’t damage the business in any way. Years ago when the cloud hasn’t been invented yet, the most basic quick recovery time would cost business owners six figures. Thankfully in the modern day that we live in, tools such as the cloud and other virtualization are much more affordable. It has also been created to become faster than ever without sacrificing performance. Managed backup automatically backups your server’s data to another drive. Almost all modern day DR providers will be able to backup all of your critical files and data in just a few minutes. When you find the need to recover these data, modern day DR providers will be able to efficiently access it in a matter of hours. This is unlike the old and outdated way of doing it which required days to process the extraction of data. This is the most powerful advantage of using the cloud. DR providers have really changed everything.

Disaster Recovery is only for large businesses and not applicable to SMB’s

This statement was once true. However, with the advancements of cloud, this doesn’t hold true anymore. The cloud is providing incredible valuable service made available to all businesses whether big or small. These days, SMB’s could now easily make use of the best DR solutions accessible on the market. Costs, complexity, and insufficient IT resources which used to be considered barriers no longer apply. The cloud together with modern IT advances has scrapped off these obstacles.

It is our hope that these three myths have helped you realize that modern day DR is now much more affordable. If you would like to get a free copy of our Disaster Recovery Plan, please see the attached link.