There is no substitute for a robust, cost-effective Disaster Recovery solution, because there is no business that can afford to lose its data as a result of data corruption, malware or ransomware. There is no business that can afford to be down for days at a time while a tape is being recovered.

Whether your applications are on-premises or in the CenterGrid Compass cloud, we can protect them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from water damage, fires, hurricanes, tornados, blackouts, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at them.

We know a company’s lifeblood lies in its business applications and when the unexpected happens, we can safeguard mission-critical applications and perform fast, cost-effective system recovery.

Do you have these challenges?

You Cannot Afford To Wait

When a partial or full-scale disaster takes out critical business applications, enterprises can’t afford to wait while IT departments scramble to cobble together a solution. Critical applications need to be back up quickly. This takes servers, storage, and network equipment on standby, ready to accept those applications and get the business back to where it was at the point of the disaster.


Protect Business-critical Data And Applications With DRaaS


Our Disaster Recovery as a Service in Action


Key Features of Top Backup and Disaster Recovery

Three Reasons

Why CenterGrid Services

Trusted Problem Solver & Partner

We act as a trusted adviser to our customers, helping them solve their challenges to achieve their IT outcomes. We know a lot because we've seen a lot! We've saved a number of enterprises from catastrophic problems with malware, deleted data, and unauthorized access.

24x7 Personalized Support

We provide 24x7x365 personalized support to our customers and will never point them to a web page to figure it out on their own. We're always just a phone call or email away. From our sales team, to our skilled engineers, to your dedicated service delivery manager, to our 24x7 Service Desk. We're full service, not self-service.

Focus on End-User Success

From our Service Desk offering to our Desktop-as-a-Service solution to our GPU Workstations in our Virtual Studio offering, we’re focused on delivering value, security, and performance to end users. We believe that by focusing on the productivity of end users, we increase the likelihood of success of the broader community – the project, the organization, and the enterprise.

Related Services

Managed IT Services

CenterGrid has designed processes and tools that allow us to securely monitor a client’s infrastructure, remotely manage servers, desktops, and networking equipment, coordinate backup and recovery solutions, at the right level for your business.

Cloud Computing Services

The CenterGrid team of expert cloud engineers manage all server hardware, storage, network connectivity, and infrastructure security, and handle tasks including system maintenance, patching, upgrades, performance and availability, and scalability planning. Get off the infrastructure maintenance and refresh the treadmill.

Data Security Services

Our security offerings include RecoveryCenter®, Managed Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) with Managed Detection & Response (MD&R), as well as Managed Network Security. Take the steps you have been putting off, to secure your data and networks.

Data Center Services

Our data centers will provide a secure location to house your equipment, ample bandwidth to meet your needs, with power and proper cooling to house your servers in their location. You could describe it as a spa hotel for your servers.

DevOps as a Service

DevOps combines developers and IT operations into a single team which creates a work environment, culture and set of practices in which software developers and IT operations constantly communicate and collaborate to bring products and services to market.

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