Managed Security Can Mitigate Your Risks

No company is immune to security challenges no matter the size, but few seem to take looming threats seriously. Hackers have new tricks up their sleeves on a daily basis which is why organizations should never relent with security matters. You might have the some of the best security features, but are you confident they are configured to stand up to the latest threats? Conversely,  a new threat might emerge that you never saw coming; are you prepared for it? Security mismanagement has severe consequences which are never cheap to recover from. This leaves companies with one choice – to tighten up their security – which can be impossible if you do not know where your security flaws are located. A small company might not have a security team to monitor their systems, but that doesn’t mean they should be sitting ducks.

Any company looking to mitigate security risks should consider managed security solutions. These are outsourced security teams that provide solutions more cost-effectively, efficiently and consistently than even dedicated in-house teams. They have diverse features that bring businesses a host of benefits.

1. On the offense

Managed security providers don’t wait for attacks to spur them into action. They are constantly on the lookout for threats so they can obstruct or destruct them before any harm is done. Being on the offense is for MSPs the only defense against relentless attackers who nowadays hold businesses at ransom for lump sums.

2. Current solutions

The biggest problem for security experts is staying on top of current affairs. This should not be the case as keeping up with security trends is the only way they can provide the current and most viable solutions. Managed security service providers, however, are fully dedicated to their business – meaning that they are the best bet that you are getting the latest measures against security problems. Your in-house team might have too much on their plate with the entire organization’s system but MSPs have enough people handling issues so keeping up with trends is not a problem. That way you are always guaranteed the most current security measures.

3. More control for less cost

Contrary to common approach, managed security grants you more control over your organization. The right service provider immediately gives you access to expertise that would have taken years to build internally. You get more control in that MSPs work closely with your team. With proper system coordination, everything concerning security is considered so that hackers have no way through. Not to mention the cost advantages for managed security are exceptional when you look at the big picture.

The cost of acquiring security infrastructure, hiring security staff, educating them on the latest security issues, purchasing the software needed to review and assist in security management, and having the proper leadership staff to manage all of these areas of your business was roughly 25% of IT budgets in 2015. Managed security can help reduce this figure to less than half of the average security budget!

4. Compliance

This is an important issue in IT that businesses with centralized security often overlook until they are coerced to do so by authorities. This, to say the least, is very expensive but it can be avoided by taking advantage of MSPs whose engagements have taught them the value of compliance with HIPAA, PCI and other important regulations depending on region or jurisdiction. They will help you analyze security needs for access, data retention and are also instrumental in the assessment of employee best practices and infrastructure.

5. Prioritization

There is never a time when systems will be perfectly secure, as there are several unknowns. MSPs understand this and therefore prioritize on areas that need more attention than others. Regular, thorough audits of your systems allow the managed security provider to assess security needs which is great because your small business IT department may not have the capacity to do so on a consistent basis. Managed security services know, for example, that backup is frugal and thankfully they have enough storage space to cater to all your data. Many businesses overlook data backup thinking that they’d never be attractive to hackers until it’s too late. Modern day attacks are targeted, meaning that no matter the size of your organization, it could be hit by hackers trying to make a quick buck.

Prevention is indeed better than the cure, and when it comes to security matters, there is no better assurance than managed solutions. Security professionals have nothing more to do than serve their clients so you can rest in the comfort that someone is always on the lookout. Managed solutions help your internal team along with important aspects that were often overlooked, but that doesn’t mean you should hire anyone in the business. Terms and conditions of service provision vary a lot meaning that businesses must be keen on identifying the most suitable solutions. Research goes a long way in ensuring that the managed services vendor chosen is one that will bring aforementioned benefits to the organization.