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We offer a variety of services, so our customers can focus on their business.

Cloud Services

The CenterGrid team of expert cloud engineers manage all server hardware, storage, network connectivity, infrastructure security, and handle tasks including system maintenance, patching, upgrades, performance and availability, and scalability planning. Get off the infrastructure maintenance and refresh treadmill.

Managed Services

CenterGrid has industrialized processes and tools that allow us to securely monitor your IT infrastructure, remotely manage servers, desktops, and networking equipment, as well as coordinate backup and recovery solutions.  Let us do some IT heavy lifting, so you can move faster.

Data Security

Our security offerings include RecoveryCenter®, Managed Security Incident and Event Management (SIEM) with Managed Detection & Response (MD&R), as well as Managed Network Security. Take the steps you have been putting off, to secure your data and networks.


Our data centers are ideal as a primary location for a midsize enterprise and as a secondary Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity site for all levels of clients. Our colocation infrastructure provides a highly secure facility and floor space that meet AICPA SOC 2 requirements for controls over security, availability, and confidentiality.

CenterGrid Compass DaaS is the smart choice to provide secure Windows 10 virtual desktops for your business.

Service Desk managed services can be beneficial to companies of all sizes.

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Martha Boden, CEO of SPCA Tampa Bay talks about how CenterGrid and Compass has changed their business.

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